Sunday, March 2, 2014

menu planning 3/2-3/8

i joined a clean eating challenge for 30 days. no soy, no grains, no legumes/beans, no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy. wait, what?!? no dairy on a blog dedicated to cheese? yup. i'm going there. :) it's only for 30 days. and then the yummy cheesy goodness will be back. i haven't decided on any sides or fruit yet, but here is the tentative plan.

sunday - hockey party at malone's (chicken breast, house salad with oil and vinegar, veggies)

monday - store bought salad kit
*linking to for meal planning monday*

tuesday - pork loin chops with roasted carrots over salad

wednesday - pumpkin pancakes (recipe from balanced bites)

thursday - grilled pineapple and summer squash shrimp skewers

friday - eat out at randi's pizza (huge challenge to find something on the menu that fits)

saturday - sweet potato skins (venison chorizo, green onions and avocado with NO CHEESE)

sunday - spinach salad with chicken, asparagus and pistachios

monday - unwich at jimmy john's

tuesday - no bun bison burger with bacon-apple chutney

wednesday - blt omelets

thursday - curried scallops with bacon and veggie medley over salad

friday - mushrooms stuffed with sausage

saturday - spaghetti squash with green beans and meatballs

sunday - chicken salad made with avocado (no mayo) and basil on cucumber slices

monday - tuna larkburger in lettuce wrap

tuesday - steak and brussel sprouts with applesauce

wednesday - venison chorizo, green chilis and cauliflower breakfast casserole (recipe from paleOMG)

thursday - sweet peppers stuffed with salmon and wrapped in bacon

friday - zucchini pizza bites (NO CHEESE) and large salad

saturday - sweet potato, mushroom and bacon hash

sunday - lemon chicken with artichokes

monday - carnita salad at chipotle 

tuesday - roast beef with avocado wrapped in lettuce leaves

wednesday - chicken apple sausage and broccoli egg souffle

thursday - grilled halibut and oranges with leeks and tomatoes

friday - eggplant lasagna (NO CHEESE) (recipe from big eats little kitchen)

saturday - sweet potato and bacon soup (recipe from the clothes make the girl)

sunday - no tortilla chicken fajitas over salad

monday - salad from panera

tuesday - zucchini pesto kielbasa rollups
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