Sunday, February 5, 2012

menu planning 2/5-2/11

what a game! we had a great night and my boys are very happy with the outcome. the boys have been complaining that we have not had potatoes in a long time. i realized they were right and i put them in rotation three times this week. the beachbody menu has lots of great ideas, but i am having trouble incorporating them. maybe next week i'll get back to it.

sunday - chili with fritos, sour cream and cheese
buffalo wings
chips and guacamole

monday - baked potatoes topped with chili and green onions
peas and corn

tuesday - gruyere cheese fondue (eaten with veggies)
garlic bread
oranges dipped in chocolate

wednesday - top sirloin with blackberry wine sauce
roasted carrots and purple potatoes
manchego cheese

thursday - orange glazed chicken with orange juice, ginger and worchestershire
spinach salad with tomatoes, mushrooms and balsamic vinegar
garlic roasted sweet potatoes

friday - eat out at cebiche

saturday - leftovers

sunday - french toast topped with cinnamon and candied nuts
sausage links
string cheese
butternut squash with maple syrup

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