Sunday, August 22, 2010

menu planning 8/22-8/28

sunday - meatball and provolone hoagies
sauteed zucchini and summer squash

monday - baked pepperoni spagetti
green beans with parmesan
house salad
ice cream with raspberries

tuesday - grilled salmon
diced sweet potatoes with cayenne pepper
spinach salad with pears
string cheese

wednesday - loaded baked potato soup

thursday - eat out at 'texas de brazil' (anniversary)

friday - chicken enchilada
rice with cranberries, green onions and orange zest
broiled carrots and asparagus
white chocolate oatmeal cookies

saturday - leftovers

sunday - turkey salad patty melt with green olives
kettle chips
celery and cucumbers with french onion dip
green grapes


  1. Oh such a cool blog Dawn! I having be thinking about posting more of the foods I eat and recipes I make on my blog. LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing.


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