Sunday, August 7, 2011

menu planning 8/7-8/13

hubby is in a 'fish' mood and i am nothing if not accommodating, so lots of seafood on the menu this week. :) we are also going gluten-free for a while to see if that helps with hubby's arthritis. all meals from now until about mid-september will be gluten-free. i hope you still find them inspiring. (and tasty!)

sunday - 'purple' beef brisket
salad with cherry tomatoes, chopped avocado, cilantro, garlic, lime juice and feta

monday - shrimp and black bean arugula salad
sweet potato fries
grilled fruit kabobs
*linking to for meal planning monday*

tuesday - cabana salmon with brie
julienne carrots, red peppers and zucchini in hoisin sauce
rocky ford canteloupe
rocky mountain road ice cream (by blue bell)

wednesday - garlicky green bean and yellow peppers with pan-seared scallops and shaved parmesan
ginger lemon tomatoes (from the garden)
palisade peaches

thursday - kielbasa white bean chili over potatoes
corn on the cob with cumin and parsley butter
broccoli slaw salad with shaved almonds
green grapes

friday - cauliflower cheese pie in hashbrown crust
slice cucumbers with tzatziki
fried mushrooms and summer squash

saturday - eat out at outback

sunday - leftovers or blue corn nachos

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