Sunday, August 19, 2012

menu planning 8/19-8/25

i was told this weekend by my family that they hate coming to my blog to see our menu because it makes them feel inadequate.  i was kind of disappointed to hear that.  i do like to get a little fancy and gourmet, but my goal is to inspire, not condemn.  my hope is to have everyone who visits try one new thing, whether that is a new cheese or a new recipe.  this week is a mix of simple and more complex since it is the first week of school and hockey tryouts.  enjoy!

sunday - gone for a family reunion

monday - cheese enchiladas
salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, celery and pepper jack cheese
peaches (picked from our tree)
*linking to for meal planning monday*

tuesday - corndog
baby carrots, cucumbers and yellow peppers with hummus

wednesday - eat out at melita's greek market

thursday - hamburger-vegetable soup
cheese tray with saint agur on rosemary crackers
steamed broccoli
strawberry shortcake

friday - spinach salad with ancho chili pepper chops (bhg)
green beans with pistachios, bacon and onions
string cheese

saturday - leftovers

sunday - mediterranean chicken with artichokes and capers
walnut eggplant pate
zucchini fries
golden raspberries (picked from our garden)

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