Sunday, March 14, 2010

menu planning 3/15-3/21

sunday - cheese enchiladas
chips and salsa
black beans and corn
salad with green onions, dried blueberries, dried cherries and pecans
caramel apples

monday - leftovers

tuesday - rotisserie chicken on spinach bed
mashed potatos
brussel sprouts in brown sugar

*wednesday - cheddar brats with onions and peppers
nacho cheese doritos
baby carrots

thursday - angel-hair spagetti and large meatballs
garlic bread
baked parmesan zucchini sticks
honeydew melon

friday - open-faced pesto feta sandwich
gouda stuffed artichoke
jalapeno crab salad

saturday - eat out at the melting pot

sunday - crockpot pork chops and gravy
couscous with garlic, yellow squash and zucchini
steamed broccoli
fruit salad


  1. Dawn,
    I would be very interested in how you make the
    open face pesto feta sandwich.
    pesto & feta sounds like a fantastic combo.
    I wish I could eat like this and loose weight.
    Just goes to show how different it gets when you are under vs. over 40-50
    I enjoy looking at your menu planner.

  2. it is so simple! you need a loaf of italian bread, pesto (make your own or from a container/packet), crumbled feta cheese and roasted red peppers (fresh or from a jar). here are the step-by-step instructions - enjoy! (and good luck on your weight loss journey - you can do it!)


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