Thursday, October 21, 2010

asparagus rolls

you will need: saucepan, tongs, mixing bowl filled with ice water, paper towels, serving platter, knife
yields 8 servings

2 bundles of (thin) asparagus
1/2 pound deli-sliced salami
garlic-flavored cream cheese
salt and pepper
grated parmesan cheese

boil pot of water. take each asparagus spear and bend it so that it snaps at the weakest spot.

place asparagus in boiling water for 4-5 minutes. when the timer goes off, immediately transfer asparagus into ice water to stop the cooking process.

dry asparagus with a paper towel. place on a platter in a single layer and season with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese.

take salami and spread a thin layer of cream cheese over each slice. wrap salami around 2-3 asparagus spears (depending on thickness).

chill before serving.

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