Sunday, January 8, 2012

menu planning 1/8-1/14

i hate when i don't follow the menu plan. hate it! it makes the week more difficult. we ended up switching things out a lot more than normal. what a way to start off the new year! lol. i'm back on track this week. oh, and just a note that this is my second year of blogging my menus. whoot! whoot! i'll have to search over the recipes and share my top ten favorite meals. :) also, i joined the beachbody community to help me lose those last pesky 10 pounds, so all menus this next month are courtesy of the beachbody website.

sunday - cranberry roast
roasted garlic mashed potatoes
broiled asparagus
raspberries and sliced bananas

monday - lime shrimp with garlic and olive oil
beet, onion and spinach salad with italian dressing
baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon
honeydew melon
*linking to for meal planning monday*

tuesday - eat out at pho 79

wednesday - teriyaki beef with orange marmalade, cayenne pepper and stir-fry veggies over wheat pita

thursday - leftovers

friday - chicken skillet with peppers and mozzarella
carrot fries
mango and strawberries

saturday - tuna melt on english muffins with tomatoes, alfalfa and baby swiss
string cheese
mushroom, celery and sage vegetable stuffing
green bean almondine
jello with cool whip
1/2 banana

sunday - asparadus, leek and mushroom frittata with fontina and parmesan
orange juice


  1. Lime shrimp sound fabulous--great menu plan!

  2. Great menus!!! I'm having a linky party, and would love it if you joined! Here is the link! Thanks for sharing!


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